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Table Tent Advertising

There is a limited number of table space available to use for table-tent advertising. To ensure that the table tents placed in the on-campus restaurants do not become cluttered, the following policy will apply. Any registered campus organization ( may reserve table tent space. Dining Services will begin taking reservations August 10, 2015 for Fall semester, and again on January 10, 2015 for the Spring semester. For reservations*, please call Carolina Dining at (803) 777-4161 or fax to (803) 777-6601. 

Request Form | Avery Template | Table Tent Template - PDF


  • Carolina Dining will take two reservations per week, for authorized campus community events on a first-come first-serve reservation basis. An organization may reserve table tents once per semester. 
  • Wait List. If the week you request is taken or if you want to request an additional week, you may choose to be placed on a wait list. You will be notified two weeks out from the date requested if a space has become available.
  • Only university departments and student groups that are recognized each Fall semester by the Office of Student Life may reserve table tent space. 
  • When reserving table tent space, a reservation sheet* must be filled out and completed with the specific organization name (not an umbrella name), preferred reservation date(s), purpose and general content of table tent, and a University account number. Submit sheet to or fax to (803) 777-6601. 
  • The maximum duration for a table tent shall be seven (7) days, Mon.-Sun. The reserved week dates must be clearly visible along the bottom of each table tent (i.e., 9/22 to 9/28). Table tents without visible reserved week dates will be removed by Carolina Dining staff. 


We will no longer be using the acrylic table tent holders for advertising campus organization events. You will note that Carolina Dining is now using the napkin insert holders for advertising Sodexo/Carolina Dining promotional events on campus. We therefore, will be accepting only those that are created using the Avery template #5309 for these events. 

  • The organizations/individuals are responsible for providing the proper table tents. 
  • Each organization's cards must use the Avery template #5309 for their advertising needs (sample attached). 
  • Table tents must be on 80-110 lb cover-weight paper. Any paper of lesser quality will not be permitted and may be removed. 
  • Table tent content, size, and design must be approved by the Marketing Department of Carolina Dining 30 days prior to the month in which the reservation begins. This approval should be made via email or at our Main Office at 1600 Hampton Street Annex, Suite 310, prior to printing. The table tent sponsor will be required to present the signed approval form to the each dining unit manager-on duty to be allowed access to the dining halls for table tent placement. 


  • The message and content of the table tent is limited to on-campus activities sponsored by campus organizations, and may not contain messages of an individual nature (such as political advertising). 
  • Table tents CANNOT advertise food and/or restaurants or gambling of any kind. 


  • Table tents that become worn, defaced or otherwise unattractive will be removed by the Dining Service staff. Replacement of such tents is the responsibility of the sponsor. 
  • The tent sponsor may place the table tent on the table beginning at noon on Sunday or at 7:30 am on the Monday of the reserved week. They cannot be distributed during peak meal times. Peak meal times are considered to be from 10 minutes before the hour through 20 minutes after the hour. 
  • Table tents must be recollected by 5:00 pm Sunday or the last day of operation for that week. This process is done by the actual organization or individual and not Carolina Dining. 
  • Only the following locations (w/table quantities) are available for table tents (372): 
    • Bates Diner (50) 
    • Gamecock Park (70) 
    • Gibbes Court Bistro (35) 
    • Grand Market Place (90) 
    • Honeycomb Cafe (Honors) (57) 
  • Table tents are not permitted in the Colloquium Cafe or Preston Dining sites. 
  • If an organization fails to properly place or collect flyers, there will be a $50.00 charge for non-compliance. 

Carolina Dining is not responsible for missing or damaged fliers. Violation of any of the above stated guidelines may cause an organization to forfeit table tent reservations for the remainder of the school year. If you have additional questions, please call Carolina Dining Central Office at (803) 777-4161.

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