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The Community Table

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The Community Table Story -

The Community Table, a table service style restaurant located at 650 Lincoln Residence Hall.  Here we feature a wide variety of options including appetizers, salads, pizzas, entrees, sandwiches and desserts.

In 2008, a 130-year-old historic oak tree was struck by lightning on The Horseshoe. Although it put up a valiant fight to survive, five years later, the tree was cut down due to safety issues. In efforts to be sustainable, the University decided to incorporate the tree into a large table where students can gather and create college memories that will last a lifetime. 

From this tree, The Community Table was born. The restaurant is designed for students who need a gathering spot. The two different large tables in the restaurant serve as a get-together spot for large groups of friends or study groups. 

Even the food is purposely made to share. With larger-than-normal portions, you can share your gourmet dishes with a friend! Hang out, study, gather, relax - No matter what time of day, The Community Table is there for you. 


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    Hours of Operation

    Week of: 05/22/2017 - 05/28/2017


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