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Student Board of Directors - University of South Carolina

The purpose of the USC Student Board of Directors is to evaluate the quality of the food service across campus.  This duty encompasses many facets of the food service department including all-you-care-to-eat facilities, retail dining, convenience stores and coffee shops.  Our assignment is not only to bring our own opinions to the group, but to serve as an ambassador for those we represent.  There are many different groups of people at USC, each with certain likes, dislikes, and preferences.  It is the objective of the Student Board of Directors to bring all of these ideas together and shape the campus food service operations on campus to best serve the needs of university community.  Our positions require that we experience and evaluate a variety of food services.  We should see ourselves as having a large responsibility, not only to our own group which we represent, but also to the committee itself.  It is our highest goal to ensure the university total quality food service at the University of South Carolina.
Mission Statement: Represent the student body regarding on-campus dining observations, trends and goals.

SBOD - Ashlyn McConnell
Ashlyn McConnell
Biological Sciences

SBOD - Kyra Neumann
Kyra Neumann

SBOD - Ross Lordo
Ross Lordo
Exercise Science

SBOD - Sara Strathmann
Sara Strathmann

SBOD - Whitney Sumpter
Whitney Sumpter
Early Childhood Education

Rachel Haltiwanger
Rachel Haltiwanger
Elementary Education

Jacob McNeer
Jacob McNeer
Public Health

Derion Woods
Derion Woods

Lauren Flintom
Lauren Flintom

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