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Carolina Dining Fall 2016 Sustainability Goals


1. Carolina Dining will create a local inventory purchasing system (LIPS) including point of origin, amount of product purchased, product identification, how much was spent per unit/total, what dining hall it is being used in, and vegan/vegetarian/nonveg/allergen identifiers. Real Food criteria will be kept in mind; once/if President Pastides signs the Real Food Commitment, the LIPS can begin tracking Real Food Criteria.

2. Carolina dining will host and facilitate a stakeholder engagement meeting including Senn Brothers, Senn's local suppliers, Carolina Dining, and the Office of Sustainability to discuss a transparent, traceable system to track produce from farm to dining hall.

3. Carolina Dining will create branding/ marketing templates to introduce the public to local suppliers as they enter the campus dining system and to uniformly and clearly label local produce with point of origin in dining halls.

4. Carolina dining will publicize its approved Spring 2016 Sustainability plan, members of its sustainability working group, and local suppliers on its website.

5. Carolina Dining will provide space on its website where prospective local suppliers can register their interest. A brief survey which will help Dining decide if they want to pursue a supplier will be included so that Carolina Dining can provide feedback to each prospective supplier in a timely manner.

6. Carolina Dining will research costs and use of reusable, recyclable and compostable products to inform decision-making on future purchases.

7. Carolina Dining will work with Carolina Productions in Spring 2016 to plan food and sustainability related films for the "Carolina Dining Night at the Movies" for the 2016-17 school year.

8. Carolina Dining will use Sustainable Carolina Farm and Garden hydroponics purchases to create uniformity in identification, delivery, labeling and purchasing local products. By the end of Spring 2016, one hydroponics unit will be piloted.

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